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Our Company, CHRISTOS POSPORIS ENTERPRISES LIMITED Company Number C116115, was founded in Cyprus in the
year circa 2000 operating exclusively as a Registered General Contracting Company, Contractors Registration
Number: 5209/1999.
Throughout our existence, we have focused in the construction of houses, apartment blocks, hotels and major
renovations attached thereto.
Our mantra is “Quality not Quantity” which is strongly driven and measured by upmost client satisfaction. We have
focused on developing strong relationships with our clients and industry consultants upon which our business
success relies.
Our ability to successfully undertake work in Cyprus is sustained by our emphasis on using our established network
of local sub-contractors and suppliers.
We take pride on having an enthusiastic and motivated team who are focused on delivering a high quality service
and product. We are committed to developing and maintaining long-term relationships by focusing on achieving
our client’s project objectives. We work closely with consultants to proactively identify and mitigate any issues and
hurdles before they can impact on the project at hand.
The core values in our business integral to our approach to construction are:
a) Business Integrity

b) Stable financial capacity

c) Experienced key personnel and project teams

d) High quality services and finished product

e) A willingness to provide innovative solutions

f) Building value

g) Use of established reliable sub-contractor and supplier network

h) Maintain our reputation to perform.

We believe that by providing the correct tools both in the office and on site, supports our goals of completing
projects on time and within budget.
The founder and CEO of our Company, Mr Christos Posporis has vast experience as a Civil/Structural Engineer in
both the Design and Construction industries and is further enriched by professional exposure to large scale land
surveying (has surveyed for National Geographic).
Mr Posporis has over 30 years’ experience and is a registered Professional Engineer in Cyprus, South Africa, Austria
and Saudi Arabia and is furthermore a registered Contractor within the European Legislature.
His design experience as team leader includes high-rise structures and numerous commercial and domestic
developments in both structural steel and reinforced concrete. Involved as team leader in the participation of
successful multi-stage processes.
He has successfully led construction teams as Project Manager and Site Manager on individual projects, some in
excess of 100 million Dollars. Locations include South Africa, Botswana, Greece, Cyprus, Austria and Saudi Arabia.
He is also actively involved in the transfer of skills via various Contractor and Consultant Development Projects

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